What is a Garmin Nuvi Device?

The Garmin Nuvi is a GPS enabled navigation device that is used to determine the location of a particular place. The Garmin Nuvi GPS device works in accordance with the satellites revolving around the earth’s orbit. This Nuvi navigator device from Garmin is one of the best navigators as you can easily rely on the directions provided by it.

How does Garmin Nuvi work?

Garmin Nuvi works quite efficiently by producing the signals to the nearby satellite over the earth. The satellite, in turn, responds by generating the location coordinates of the place from where the signals were emitted. The accuracy of the coordinates is directly proportional to the quality of the signals emitted from the Garmin Nuvi device. More the sensitive antennas, more are the accuracy of the coordinates.

Do we need to update the Garmin maps?

Yes, Garmin provides the updates on its roadmaps and other modes of transports. It is quite important to note that updating the maps brings in the more effective navigation which in turns provides a better router of transportation to the users. Every day, new landmarks or roads and streets are built in cities to enhance the road network. Therefore, updating the Garmin Maps become quite necessary so that the driver can easily navigate through the busy streets and road network.

How to update the maps of my Garmin Nuvi device?

Updating the Garmin Nuvi Maps is not much a big deal. The users simply need to log in to their Garmin account. There are few platforms through which we can log in to our Garmin account i.e. Garmin Express desktop application, Garmin Connect mobile application, and Garmin online (www.garmin.com)

What is Garmin Connect?

The Garmin Connect is a mobile application used to access the Garmin GPS devices that are compatible with our smartphones. The users need to download this Garmin Connect mobile application from the Android or IOS application store. After the mobile application is downloaded on the smartphone, just log in to that application to access the Garmin Nuvi or some other Garmin device’s dashboard.

What is Garmin Express?

The Garmin Express is a desktop web application used to access the Garmin GPS navigation device on the desktop or laptop computers. The Garmin connect is also available on both the platforms like the Windows and Mac Operating systems. The Garmin Express is quite reliable application to access navigation device.

Can we access the Garmin online?
The Garmin Online can be accessed through the web address www.garmin.com. The online mode of the Garmin allows the same features to be accessed as that of the mobile and desktop web application.